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In any daytime there are certain periods, which have special meaning.

Yama Ghantaka

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Rishi Vasishtha: "Yama Ghantaka should always be avoided in any Muhurta for auspicious (Shubha) activity". It is considered that any activity (especially travelling) started during the period of Yama Ghantaka pushes the one towards to death.

Abhijeet Muhurta

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Abhijit Muhurta is one of the most auspicious and powerful criteria for initiating all types of works.

Brahma Muhurta

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Brahma Muhurta is optimal for waking up as well as any activity connected to spiritual practices (such as Hatha Yoga, Dhyana (meditation), etc), creating, planning, projections etc.

Gulikā Kalām

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According to Jyotish knowledge Gulika Kalam is a very negative (Ashubha) period of time every day that should be shunned for all auspicious and beneficial activities.

Rahu Kalām

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According to Jyotish knowledge Rahu Kaalam is a very negative (Ashubha) period of time every day that should be shunned for all auspicious and beneficial activities.

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26°40 Sagittarius (Dhanu) to 10°00" Capricorn (Makara)

The 21st Nakshatra: UTTARA ASHADHA.

The four quarters are ruled by:
Guru (Jupiter) - the 1st quarter,
Shani (Saturn) - the 2nd quarter,
Shani (Saturn) - the 3rd quarter,
and Guru (Jupiter) - the 4th quarter.

Other aspects of this Nakshatra:
The Purushardha (life's vector or motivation) is Moksha.
Totem animal is Mongoose
Symbol - a
small cot.
Devata (Deity) -
Dosha - Kapha.

This Nakshatra spans from 26°40' in Dhanu to 10°00' in Makara. Uttara Ashadha born have a well-developed body, often developed thorough rigorous exercise in the gymnasium. They have a fair complexion. A strongly placed Chandra (Moon) in the natal chart of some Uttaraashadha born can give them a fair complexion.

These people are pure-hearted and respect others, especially the elders. They are honest in their dealings when it comes to business. But before taking any business decision, they try to consider as many aspects of the situation as possible. This is good, in the sense that a hastily concluded business deal often ends up putting them in a difficult situation. These people are steady, confident when it comes to being emotional. They do not trust others easily and it is only after spending considerable times with them that others can get an entry into the inner circle of their friends. But an easy way to please them is to please them with flattery.

Uttaraashadha born are natural diplomats. For them, preserving a relationship has the utmost importance. To keep the matters straight, they meticulously avoid the use of strong words to others even during some of the most explosive situations. Contrary to the males born in this Nakshatra, the females tend to jump into conflict with others, often through their nature of jumping at conclusions. Because of their good diplomatic skills, the males born in this Nakshatra are good mediators in any dispute. A good Buddha (Mercury) placed in their natal chart can make them a good consultant or adviser in any field.

As a rule, Uttaraashadha born have to undergo some stress related to their family matters towards the beginning of middle age.

But on an average, these people enjoy good married life. Males as well as females born in this Nakshatra enjoy the company of good, caring partners. Males born in this Nakshatra tend to suffer from stomach problems.

Male Natives

1. Physical features: A well proportioned body. Broad head. tall figure. Long nose, bright eyes. Charming and graceful appearance with fair complexion.

2. Character and general events: He will be refined, soft spoken, pure hearted and an innocent looking countenance. In case he happens to occupy a very high position in the society, he will not like to express pomp and show and will dress like a simple-ton. He gives respect to all and particularly women folk. He is god fearing. It is not easy for others to find out the underlying merits and demerits. It is only after several acquaintances and dealing one can come to a conclusion about the behavioral aspect of this native. In most of the cases, it has been noticed that there will be black mole around his waist or on the face. A slight reddish colour is noticed in his eyes.

He will be very plain in his dealings and will show utmost sincerity in all the work he undertakes. He will not deceive others and would not like to cause any trouble to others. So much so, due to his inherent good behavior quality he often lands into uncalled for problems. While he is plain hearted, he will not subdue to any pressure and will not bestow full confidence on anybody. But once he takes into confidence a person nobody can change him. To certain extent, he is slave to flattery and expect that others must look after his welfare. He will not take any hasty decision, whereas full consultation. With trusted persons will be obtained before coming to a conclusion. While he is very much involved in all the activities he undertakes, usually he is a lazy fellow.

Even in the state of conflict he cannot utter harsh words directly to any person and in spite of difference of opinion he will not like to express his unhappiness to others. Any discussion he makes with others will be without expressing any ill-will. He is bound to shoulder much responsibilities at a young age. Due to this he is fully trained to shoulder any responsibility with perfection. Once he is convinced that any action carried out by him or words uttered by him happens to be wrong he will not hesitate to repent and express sorry.

His every action requires recognition by others. otherwise, he is dragged into the state of unhappiness. He is subjected to maximum happiness at one stage and the maximum unhappiness at the next.

3. Education, sources of earning/profession: He has to be very careful in any controversial dealings. Before any collaboration is made, he has to completely screen the persons with whom he is entering into such collaboration. Otherwise, failure is certain. Period after the age of 38 years will mark all round success and prosperity.

4. Family life: Normally his childhood willbe somewhat better. But later on he may have to face a lot of unexpected reversals and problems in the family front. It has noticed that between the age of 28 and 31 years some important change takes place in the family circle.

His married life will be more or less very good. He normally gets a responsible and loving wife. At the same time the health of the spouse will be a cause of concern for him. His wife will be having problems of acidity or uterus disorder. In spite of the comparative advantages mentioned above, he lacks happiness from the children whereas his children will be main cause of concern.

5. Health: He is prone to stomach problems, paralysis of limbs, pulmonary diseases. Poor eyesight or some defects in the eyes.

Female Natives

Females born in this Nakshatra will also enjoy more or less the same results mentioned above in the case of male natives. In addition the following results will be enjoyed:

1. Physical features: Her forehead will be much wider, nose larger, eyes attractive, teeth beautiful, body stout but not so beautiful hair.

2. Character and general events: One of the worst qualities of these females is that they are the 'obstinate dare devil'. Her utterances are not well thought, whereas she jump into conflict with others. This category of females very well fit to the proverb "There are two horns for the rabbits I have got". In spite of this disadvantage she would like to lead a very simple life.

3. Education, sources of earning/profession: Generally, females born in this Nakshatra are educated. she may be a teacher, bank employee or attached to religious institution. If Buddha (Mercury) is also placed with Chandra (Moon), she may earn as a publisher or a writer.

4. Family life: She cannot enjoy her married life in it's fullest sense whereas quite often her mind will be disturbed due to either husband's separation or some other problems connected with him. She is very much religiously inclined and observe all the religious formalities. She derives complete happiness and contentment by marrying a Revati or Uttara-Bhadra Pada boy.

5. Health: She will have wind problems, hernia or uterus problems etc.

According to classical Brihat Samhita Rudra rules Krishna Ekadashi, thus fasting, devotional activities, and remembrance of Brahman are very favourable. According to Muhurta Chintamani, Vishvadeva (deity of particular class that answer to the concern that no divinity should be omitted from praise (c) Renou, Louis. L'Inde Classique, vol. 1) rule this day.

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