Current Muhurtas

In any daytime there are certain periods, which have special meaning.

Yama Ghantaka

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Rishi Vasishtha: "Yama Ghantaka should always be avoided in any Muhurta for auspicious (Shubha) activity". It is considered that any activity (especially travelling) started during the period of Yama Ghantaka pushes the one towards to death.

Abhijeet Muhurta

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Abhijit Muhurta is one of the most auspicious and powerful criteria for initiating all types of works.

Brahma Muhurta

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Brahma Muhurta is optimal for waking up as well as any activity connected to spiritual practices (such as Hatha Yoga, Dhyana (meditation), etc), creating, planning, projections etc.

Gulikā Kalām

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According to Jyotish knowledge Gulika Kalam is a very negative (Ashubha) period of time every day that should be shunned for all auspicious and beneficial activities.

Rahu Kalām

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According to Jyotish knowledge Rahu Kaalam is a very negative (Ashubha) period of time every day that should be shunned for all auspicious and beneficial activities.

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The average distance between Earth and Moon is 3,84,400 kilometers. Because of elliptical shape of the orbits of Sun and Moon, minimum and maximum distance between Earth and Moon is 3,63,000 kilometers. and 4,06,000 kilometers respectively. The radius of moon is approx 1738 kilometers. (0.2725 times smaller than the radius of Earth) and mass of Moon is 1/81.3 of the earth’s mass. In fact, Moon is a satellite of earth but in astrology it is considered as a planet because of its size and proximity to earth. The moon can be observed to cross any particular celestial meridian, every 27.32166 days, which is the sidereal period of Moon. The period between the one full moon and next full moon is 29.5306 days which is also called lunar month.

Chandra (Moon) gives changeable and plastic nature and rules over personality and form. It is considered as a mind of Kaalapurusha. If Surya (Sun) is considered to be a king of solar system, Chandra is a queen of it. While Surya pours spirit and life to all planetary bodies, Chandra governs over the life of the beings on earth. Chandra is the Luna (Diana), the Queen of the night. Chandra is the Goddess and also a huntress. Chandra governs chastity as well as fertility.

Chandra is a cold, moist, feminine, changeable, receptive and negative planet. He is a lord of North-West direction and governs Varsha Ritu (August-September). Chandra is watery in nature and rules Apas (Water). Her color is silvery white or sea – green. Her chief domain is over the mind, the sleep, and all the fruits of the earth and flowers. Chandra rules over the multitude, the masses, travelling, female relatives, commerce, business, and such professions which deal in liquids. Also he rules over the place of residence.

Physical Features
Chandra gives the native corpulent body, white complexion, lovely eyes, black and thin hair, tender speech and mild temper. Parts of the body ruled by Chandra are left eye of the male and the right eye of the female, breasts, esophagus, stomach, uterus, ovaries, lymphatic, bladder, synovial fluid. Waxing moon is responsible for the arteries, motor nerves and the muscles while the waning one rules the veins, sensory nerves, sense organs and the glands.

When Chandra is afflicted, it makes the native unfortunate, sick in infancy and old age, deformed, impulsive, over anxious, indecisive, rash, depressed, pessimistic. When Chandra is beneficial it gives high position in public life, good family life, courtesy, amiable nature, easy-going and pleasing personality, timidness, magnetism, desire for wealth and worldly things, interest for psychic subjects and taste for all delicious fruits.

The diseases indicated by Chandra are lunacy, eye-disease, paralysis, hysteria, epilepsy, colic, cough and cold, measles, intestinal problems, dyspepsia, hydrocele, diseases caused due to excess of drink, bronchitis, asthma, tumors, nervous debility, dysentery, cancer, typhoid.

The products represented by Chandra are oranges, melon, white poppy, cucumber, palm, mushroom, algae, wintergreen. pumpkin, mercury, sugarcane, cabbage, cauliflower,  lettuce, betel leaves, silver, salt, rice, cream, foreign liquor, fruit juice, pearl, curd, herbs that turn towards the Moon.

Chandra represents animals like dog, cat, mouse, amphibious creatures, horse. She also represents goose, crab, duck, water- bird, tortoise, owl and oyster.

Chandra represents places like mountains, fortresses, ocean, river, place of residence etc.

Precious metals & Gems
Precious gem represented by Chandra is pearl, also it rules over all white stones. Metals represented are silver, tin, and other white metals. Native whose Lagnesh (lord of ascendant) is Chandra can start wearing the ring of these stones in silver on ring finger in Chandra's Nakshatra.

Specific actions and works that should be initiated during Chandra in Poorva Bhadrapada: art, courageous actions, cutting, poison, war, weapon, fire, farming, instrument \ devices used in water; selling of buffalo, camels, selling of meat. Also actions related to Shatabhisha Nakshatra are acceptable.

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