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In any daytime there are certain periods, which have special meaning.

Yama Ghantaka

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Rishi Vasishtha: "Yama Ghantaka should always be avoided in any Muhurta for auspicious (Shubha) activity". It is considered that any activity (especially travelling) started during the period of Yama Ghantaka pushes the one towards to death.

Abhijeet Muhurta

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Abhijit Muhurta is one of the most auspicious and powerful criteria for initiating all types of works.

Brahma Muhurta

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Brahma Muhurta is optimal for waking up as well as any activity connected to spiritual practices (such as Hatha Yoga, Dhyana (meditation), etc), creating, planning, projections etc.

Gulikā Kalām

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According to Jyotish knowledge Gulika Kalam is a very negative (Ashubha) period of time every day that should be shunned for all auspicious and beneficial activities.

Rahu Kalām

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According to Jyotish knowledge Rahu Kaalam is a very negative (Ashubha) period of time every day that should be shunned for all auspicious and beneficial activities.

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3°20" to 16°40" Scorpio (Vrshchika)

The 17th Nakshatra: ANURADHA.

Anuradha is Nakshatra that's ruled by Shani (Saturn) and is located in 213'20" to 226'40" degrees of zodiac (3'20" to 16'40" Vrshchika (Scorpio) ruled by Mangala (Mars).

The quarters (Padas) are ruled by:
Sūrya (Sun) - the 1st quarter,
Buddha (Mercury) - the 2nd quarter,
Shukra (Venus) - the 3rd quarter,
and Mangala (Mars) - the 4th quarter.

Other aspects of this Nakshatra:
Purushartha (life's vector or motivation) - Dharma.
Totem animal - Hare or Deer (female).
Symbol - a Lotus flower.
Deity - Mitra.
Dosha - Pitta.

This is 17th Nakshatra of the zodiac. While the planet of hardships and efforts, Shani (Saturn), rules this Nakshatra, the fiery and aggressive planet, Mangala (Mars), rules the sign. Mangala (Mars) and Shani (Saturn) are mutual enemies, having some of the most different characteristics. Thus, people born in this Nakshatra also show some very peculiar characteristics.

Anuradha born children are somewhat weak in the beginning, but become stronger as they grow up. These people have a good height, lean and yet strong physique. As a rule, Anuradha born have to face several obstacles in their life, and hence they have a somewhat defeated look on their face. They are fairly straight forward, but if they get a feeling that some one is unnecessarily creating obstacles in their path, then Anuradha born are likely to harbor a feeling to take the revenge. These people are ready to wait long for the opportune moment to take the final action.

While Mangala (Mars) gives them the soldierly abilities to march forward and achieve the objectives at any cost, the planet of efforts, Shani (Saturn), enables them to keep on trying again and again till they reach their destination. These people have an independent nature and will do anything to preserve their independence. This fiercely independent nature also makes them start earning at a very young age. But the lord of Nakshatra, Shani (Saturn), makes them struggle at every step till the second half of their life, after which, they enjoy a smooth sailing.

Anuradha born, are not on good terms with their parents and other close relations. Seldom anyone from these relations becomes helpful for their progress in life. On the other hand, their spouse gives them the all round support necessary to make their marriage a success.

Male Natives

1. Physical features: The native will have a beautiful face with bright eyes. In some cases where combination of planets is not good, the native has cruel looks.

2. Character and general events: He is liable to face several obstacles in his life. Even then he has special aptitude to handle the most difficult situation in a systematic way. However, if we look at his face, a peculiar frustrated face can be noticed. The main reason for such a gloomy appearance is the problems, which he has to confront on several occasions. to be more specific, there will not be peace of mind in his life. Even a smallest problem will start pinching his mind repeatedly runs after one and the same problem.

He always think of taking revenge whenever opportunity comes. In spite of these drawbacks he is the most hardworking and ever ready to complete the task before him. Come what may, march forward is the motto of this native. In addition it can be said that after several reversals he ultimately achieves the desired result.

He is a firm believer of god. He cannot keep a permanent stable relationship with anybody. His life is full of helplessness but independent. Even in several reversals he will not leave optimism.

3. Education, sources of earning/profession: He can be successful in the business field. If he is employed he has a special caliber of how to pocket his superiors. He starts earning his bread at quite young age say on or about 17 or 18 years of age. Life between the period of 17 years to 48 years of age will be full of problems. When it's said "full of problems", it does not mean that there will not be any good period in between the above-mentioned period. Occasional benefits and favorable results will be definitely noticed. The life after the age of 48 years will be extremely good. It is in this period he can settle down in his life to the desired way and become free from most of the miseries of the life. If Chandra (Moon) is in the company of  Mangala (Mars), he may be a person dealing with drugs and chemicals or a doctor.

4. Family life: No benefit will be derived from the co-borns under any circumstances. He cannot enjoy or derive any benefit from his father. In some cases, frequent friction with his father has also been noticed. Same way there is no luck of receiving love and affection from the mother also. Normally, he settles down away from the place of his birth. Even though several adverse results have been commented above, one of the favorable points is that his married life will be completely satisfactory. His spouse will have all the qualities of a good housewife. As is the god's gift, he always looks back to his life while dealing with his own children and at any cost he likes to provide all necessities of life as far as possible and the love and affection. Hence his children reach a height position, much more than that of the native.

5. Health: His health will generally be good. He will be prone to asthmatic attack, dental problems, cough and cold, constipation and sore throat. Due to non-care nature of his own health he does not take medicines properly.

Female Natives

1. Physical features: Her face is innocent looking. Even an ugly looking woman with beautiful waist is attracted to man. Whereas, in the Anuradha native, in addition to her attractive face and beautiful body her beautiful waist is further added to her attraction to males.

2. Character and general events: There is no room for arrogance in her life. She is pure-hearted. She does not believe a life of fashion whereas she likes to lead a simple life. A selfless, agreeable and attractive disposition. She can shine well in social and political field. She will respect her elders. Her friends will cordon her as if she is the head of friend's circle.

3. Education, sources of earning/profession: She will be more interested in music and fine arts. She may obtain an academic degree or high degree of knowledge in music or dance. Professional dancers are also found to have been born in this Nakshatra.

4. Family life: She is very much devoted to her husband and observes religious norms. She can be called as a model mother as far as upbringings of her own children are concerned. Her devotion to her in-laws pours further glory in her personal life.

5. Health: She may suffer from irregular menses. Severe pain will be felt at the time of bleeding, as the flow of spoiled blood will be quite intermittent. In some cases it has been told that, after appearance of monthly menses, there will be break for some hours or for one or two days before commencing actual flow. She may also suffer from headache, nasal catarrh.

According to classical Jyotirvidyabharanam (2/56) any religious activity done during Vyatipata do not yield any result in both "lokas", i.e. it's completely destroyed. Another classics, Rajmartanda opines that these Yogas along with Bhadra Karana (Vishti) are even capable to destroy even Amrit Yoga.

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