Current Muhurtas

In any daytime there are certain periods, which have special meaning.

Yama Ghantaka

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Rishi Vasishtha: "Yama Ghantaka should always be avoided in any Muhurta for auspicious (Shubha) activity". It is considered that any activity (especially travelling) started during the period of Yama Ghantaka pushes the one towards to death.

Abhijeet Muhurta

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Abhijit Muhurta is one of the most auspicious and powerful criteria for initiating all types of works.

Brahma Muhurta

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Brahma Muhurta is optimal for waking up as well as any activity connected to spiritual practices (such as Hatha Yoga, Dhyana (meditation), etc), creating, planning, projections etc.

Gulikā Kalām

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According to Jyotish knowledge Gulika Kalam is a very negative (Ashubha) period of time every day that should be shunned for all auspicious and beneficial activities.

Rahu Kalām

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According to Jyotish knowledge Rahu Kaalam is a very negative (Ashubha) period of time every day that should be shunned for all auspicious and beneficial activities.

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